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Road Safety Action Plan

The 2020-2024 Road Safety Action Plan focuses the City’s efforts where they can have the greatest impact on reducing collisions resulting in major injury or death. The Plan is delivered by internal partners involved in the education, enforcement and engineering aspects of road safety. Each year an implementation plan is developed to identify specific countermeasures or actions to be undertaken.

  • Vision: A comprehensive and proactive strategy for making Ottawa roads safe for all users.
  • Theme: ‘Think Safety, Act Safely’
  • Goal: A 20 per cent reduction in the average annual rate of fatal and major injury collisions by 2024.

The theme of the Road Safety Action Plan’s educational campaigns is ‘Think Safety, Act Safely’.

The 2020-2024 Ottawa Road Safety Action Plan is an integrated, comprehensive, and proactive strategy for making our roads safer for all users and for continuing to advance toward zero fatal and major injury collisions. The Plan:

  • builds on the successes of Ottawa’s previous road safety programs, which delivered some of the best collision reduction results in the country, including a 14 per cent reduction since the previous program was implemented from 2012 to 2016.
  • incorporates input and guidance from residents, community stakeholders, road safety advocates and experts
  • integrates proven road safety best practices and innovative new measures
  • has three areas of action: engineering, education and enforcement
  • is based on the Safe Systems approach to road safety
  • is guided by the theme of Think Safety, Act Safely in recognition of the shared responsibility and the change in culture required to continue the progress towards zero fatalities and major injuries

All key partners in the City of Ottawa play a vital role in the success of the Road Safety Action Plan, including the Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Fire Services, Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Public Health, the Public Works Department, Infrastructure and Water Services, and the Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development Department.

The Plan used data-driven analysis to select these key emphasis areas for our city:

  • Vulnerable road users (pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists)
  • Intersections
  • Rural roads
  • High-risk drivers (distracted, aggressive and impaired drivers)

The plan’s four main emphasis areas were developed based on data-driven analysis and feedback from various consultation exercises. The emphasis areas were selected to ensure the plan’s actions focus efforts and resources where they would have the greatest impact at reducing fatal and major injury collisions.

The 2020-2024 Road Safety Action Plan Report is available here. (link is external)

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