Cleanup underway for Wednesday’s storm
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Cleanup underway for Wednesday’s storm

The City of Ottawa’s Forestry Services have received hundreds of requests regarding fallen trees or limbs across the City today. They and their partners are prioritizing work to address fallen trees and debris that are blocking streets or those that may be a hazard to residents or property. Once hazards and streets are cleared, staff and contractors will address broken limbs, non-hazardous removals, and brush/wood cleanup. It is expected that these weather-related service requests will be their focus for several weeks.

Residents are advised to stay safely away from broken and hanging branches/limbs or leaning trees. Please also be aware of ice chunks melting and falling from above.

The Significant Weather Event declared yesterday is still in effect. Crews will continue to work throughout the night. Please exercise caution when using City sidewalks, roads and the winter cycling network.

The City is receiving higher than average call volumes. We ask for your patience if you have made a service request or are trying to reach 3-1-1.

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